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    Basic Support Gunner Information


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    Basic Support Gunner Information Empty Basic Support Gunner Information

    Post by Killyouno5 on Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:18 am

    Ok so basiclly the best support gunner tactic that i have found is to help your team any way possible. If this means that you have to pop your head out and mostly blind fire in the area the opposite team is do it so that guys with the guns that have better accuracy can get in close and take them out. Really this position isnt made to get a ton of kills it is best and most usefull if you help them get the kills. You are also the lifline of the team when they are on the move but the enemy has a bead on your men then you must keep them alive this means getting up and fireing on the enemy to keep there heads down long enough so that the guys on your team can move up or in some cases back. You will also come under fire and say you are supporting a sniper or a dm and they need to get out. What do you do??? OPEN FIRE!!! You have a gun that has a higher rof (rate of fire) and also has more power than alot of unupgraded aeg's this means that it should take at least two different guys with aeg's to take you out. If this doesnt seem appealing to you then this isnt your possition. But if you like the idea of laying 2000 bb's down range then this may be your best choice what i am going to get is a H&K m249 para saw. this runs about $260 on airsplat and from what i hear is good for the average player. Please notice that a team can not be made up of all support first they arnt very accurate and they are very heavy comming in at about 20-30 pounds. Just some information on anyone planning on being support for fun or if you are joining or if you are already on a team.

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