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    what do i use


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    what do i use Empty what do i use

    Post by Socal46/ADMIN on Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:19 pm

    most of you new spotters are thinking what gun would work welll for me as a spotter Question. A few of the guns off the top of my mind that would suit as a spotter weopon would be m14, m16 variants, or an m15, these guns would suit a spotter best because they have range yet can still protect your sniper as he retreats or as you are rushed. other guns with a few slight modification such as any g36. especially the g36k either tsd or more prefferebly a CA. But there is one thing that will beat all of these together. And that one thing is skill. I would rather have a skilled spotter with a pistol and binocular than a bad spotter with a m60 and a G&G m14. a bad spotter is not only unproductive its also gonna ruin the sniper and get them both killed so remember a great gun does not make you a great spotter. Any half decent midrange AEG rifle can be the weopon of a awsome spotter dont rely on your weopon rely on your skill an vass knowledge of tactics

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